Polyester is a polymer used in the manufacture of synthetic textile fibers. Its fibers can then be mixed with cotton and wool for making bags. For some time, this foldable polyester shopping bag is becoming more popular especially since the thin plastic bags are prohibited because of environmentally purposes. This custom foldable racing bag, also known as a personalized tote bag, is very popular especially in pharmacies, stores, salons, utility daily and etc.

If you are looking for a practical and lightweight bag for shopping, we provide polyester tote bags with or without printing for a low price.

What do we offer?

First and foremost tote bags are ideal for everyday shopping. Folded and tidy, it can go everywhere and be unsheathed at any time. They are available in different colors, sizes, materials and looks luxury with high quality. You are welcome to order both wholesale and retail polyester tote bags. These advertising polyester tote bags with long handles make easier to carry it to the shoulder and some of them close with a drawstring. We give you a number of options to satisfy you like a “rush printing” service.

Indeed, once folded, this bag is stored in a small pocket very convenient that fits easily in a purse, a backpack or in the pocket of a jacket or coat.

What products do we have?

The foldable shopping bag is made of polyester, a material that is durable, washable, and of course reusable. Several sizes and colors are available on request in different types. We generally offer start-up companies to use their logo on it because its practical side has proven itself.

Unlike other company Promobagstore offer it’s “no minimum” service that suitable for the people who don’t need bulk. These versatile tote bags will be used much more than other gifts, which means that your design will be on display for a long period.

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